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Sony ECMMS907 Digital Recording Microphone

Sony ECMMS907 Digital Recording Microphone

Sony ECMMS907 Digital Recording Microphone Rating:
List Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $75.53
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Product Description

The Sony ECM-MS907 was created for music enthusiasts who wish to record high quality, live stereo recordings, but aren't audio profesionals schooled in stereo microphone placement. The Sony EXM-MS907 makes it simple to capure instumental performances with its one-point stereo design, mid/side (MS) capsules. It features selectable pickup angles, an oxygen-free copper (OFC) microphone cable, and a gold-plated L-shaped Stereo Miniplug. Inconspicuous,compact, and designed for really simple portablility, the triangular shape design of the Sony EXM-MS907 fits comfortably in your hand. Ideal for Sony's MD Walkman and DAT Walkman portable stereos, the Sony ECM-MS907 is perfect for mobile stereo recording.


  • Electret condenser stereo microphone for advanced amateur use
  • Mid/side (MS) capsules create natural stereo panorama
  • Adjust pickup angle (90-120 degrees) for single voice/instrument or multi-voice/instrument
  • Oxygen-free copper cord
  • Ideal for portable digital recorders

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